Offense List

Offense Offender Date Category Media Type
High Tech Meets Lowbrow Racism HBO Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
A Blinkered Vision of Multiculturalism FOX September, 2002 Denigration() TV
Good Eats "Turning Japanese" is a trainwreck Good Eats (Food Network) November 2, 2009 Denigration(Mockery of Asians) TV Show
Sherlock: Scrutinizing those inscrutable Asians Sherlock (BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation) 2010 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Green Hornet - Asian as sidekick to paunchy white "Superhero" Columbia Pictures 2011 Denigration(Asians have Lower Status) Movie
2Broke Girls Repeatedly Mocks Asians 2 Broke Girls (CBS) 2012 Denigration(Mockery of Asians) TV Show
The Wolverine: Exploitation of Asian Women, Brutality towards Asian men Marvel 2013 Denigration(Asians as Weak) Movie
Dehumanizing Gay Asian Men Qubed Productions February, 2013 Denigration() TV Show
When Racism Tries to be Funny FOX September, 2013 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV
Birdman, or the Unexpected Virtue of Racism Regency Enterprises 2014 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Walk of Shame: The anti-Asian march continues Lakeshore Entertainment Group 2014 Denigration(Asians are Insignificant) Movie
Stereotypical Subservience Amazon February, 2014 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
BT Tv Ad - Ignore the Asian BT TV 2015 Denigration(Asians have Lower Status) TV Commercial
The Martian - Whites take credit for Asian contributions Fox 2015 Denigration(Mistreatment of Asians) Movie
Towel Girl Music Video - Asian Girl desperately courts White man Draw Pictures 2015 Denigration() Online Website
76 Gas: We're on the (white) driver's side 76 Gas 2015 Denigration(Reinforces stereotypes) Online Ad
Marvel and Samsung Presents: Age of Racism Marvel 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Online Ad
Asian?: Look Elsewhere HBO February, 2015 Denigration(Asians are Insignificant) TV Show
Wix Ad Shows White Guy pull rank on Asian Wix February 1, 2015 Denigration(Asians are Weak) TV Commercial
Sense8 shows Asian men are weak and worth dumping Sense8 (Netflix) June 5, 2015 Denigration(Asians are Weak) TV Show
Terminator: Genisys - terminating Asian representation Paramount Pictures July 1, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Gatorade Mocks Asian 'Weakling' Gatorade August 18, 2015 Denigration(Asians are Weak) TV Commercial
Asian male as Pathetic Caricature Kevin from Work (ABC) August 26, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Futuristic Asian Sidekicks FOX September, 2015 Denigration(Asians have Lower Status) TV Show
AARP reinforces Negative Stereotype of Asians AARP September 7, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Magazine Ad
Reviving '80s Orientalism Amazon October, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Dr. Ken is a Step Backwards for Asian-Americans Dr. Ken (ABC) October 2, 2015 Denigration(Asians are weak) TV Show
Casting Asian Men as the Villainous, Misogynistic Other BRTHR November, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Online
The Wachowskis claim Cloud Atlas is colorblind; hypocritically uses Yellow-Face Warner 2016 Denigration(Insulting to Asians) Movie
George Takei gets Laughed AT in Taco Bell ad Taco Bell March 14, 2016 Denigration(Mockery of Asians) TV Commercial
Misrepresenting Misrepresentation Netflix April, 2016 Denigration(Mockery of Asians) TV Show
Semi-Competent Asians Syfy September, 2016 Denigration(Asians are Not Leaders) TV Show
White Savior vs. Oriental Villains Netflix March, 2017 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
The Deuce Erases the History of Asian American Political Activism HBO September, 2017 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes)
The New Legends of Monkey's Shallow Multiculturalism Netflix January, 2018 Denigration() TV
Netflix Takes the Perpetual Foreigner Stereotype to Outer Space Netflix February, 2018 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Batman Ninja's Problematic Imperialist Subtext Warner April, 2018 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
HBO's "Silicon Valley" Maintains its Reliance on Problematic Racial Comedy HBO May, 2018 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show