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Offense Offender Date Category Media Type
Why is Dipankar Gosh the Only "Indefensible" Character in "Youth & Consequences"? YouTube Red March, 2018 Gender(Asian males as Creepy) TV Show
Terminator: Genisys - terminating Asian representation Paramount Pictures 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Netflix's "The Outsider" Presents a Redundant White Savior Narrative Netflix March, 2018 SelfAggrandizement(Whites are Central) Movie
Netflix Takes the Perpetual Foreigner Stereotype to Outer Space Netflix February, 2018 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Walk of Shame: The anti-Asian march continues Lakeshore Entertainment Group 2014 Denigration(Asians are Insignificant) Movie
Incidental Inclusion Hulu 2017 Gender(Asian males are Omitted) TV Show
High Tech Meets Lowbrow Racism HBO Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Semi-Competent Asians Syfy September, 2016 Denigration(Asians are Not Leaders) TV Show
Stereotypical Subservience Amazon February, 2014 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
White Savior vs. Oriental Villains Netflix March, 2017 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show