Offense List

Offense Offender Date Category Media Type
Heineken's "The date" is Drunk on White Privilege Heineken 2011 Online Ad SelfAggrandizement(Whites are Central)
Don't trust racist creators Don't trust the b in apartment 23 (Fox) 2012 TV Show SelfAggrandizement(White World)
Gravity: In Space, no one cares about the Asian man of the team. Fox 2013 Movie SelfAggrandizement()
#KissForPeace? Only If You're A White GI Axe 2014 TV Commercial SelfAggrandizement()
Asian Helpers A to Z (NBC) 2015 TV Show Self-Aggrandizement(Whites as Master)
Perrier Balloon Commercial Perrier 2015 TV Commercial Self-Aggrandizement(White World)
Music video "This is who we are" = Arrogant jerks Aropa Records 2015 Online Website SelfAggrandizement()
Mr. Robot: Hacking the Asian male image to pieces Mr Robot (Universal Cable Productions) 2015 TV Show SelfAggrandizement(Reinforces Stereotypes)
A Future of White Rule Jupiter Ascending (Village Roadshow) February 6, 2015 Movie Self-Aggrandizement(Whites are Central)
Avengers insinuates Asians are Cowards and Whites are Heroes Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel) May 1, 2015 Movie Self-Aggrandizement(Mighty Whitey)
White Male as Sex God -- in Japan Wargaming Public Co Ltd September 15, 2015 TV Commercial Self-Aggrandizement(White Masculinity)
The Intern - What Feminists and Minorities have in Common Warner September 25, 2015 Movie Self-Aggrandizement(White Masculinity)
Quantico exploits Bollywood Star; depicts her as 'Easy' Quantico (ABC) September 27, 2015 TV Show Self-Aggrandizement(Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)
Suicide Squad- Here we Go Again: Asian Woman as Bodyguard to White Man Warner August 5, 2016 Movie SelfAggrandizement(Whites are Central)
Netflix's "The Outsider" Presents a Redundant White Savior Narrative Netflix March, 2018 Movie SelfAggrandizement(Whites are Central)