Offense List

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Offense Offender Date Category Media Type
Why is Dipankar Gosh the Only "Indefensible" Character in "Youth & Consequences"? YouTube Red March, 2018 Gender (Asian males as Creepy) TV Show
Wix Ad Shows White Guy pull rank on Asian Wix February 1, 2015 Denigration (Asians are Weak) TV Commercial
In Dawn of Justice, Asian woman is subservient to white man, then killed Warner March 25, 2016 Gender (Asian female worshipping of White men) Movie
The Intern - What Feminists and Minorities have in Common Warner September 25, 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (White Masculinity) Movie
The Wachowskis claim Cloud Atlas is colorblind; hypocritically uses Yellow-Face Warner 2016 Denigration (Insulting to Asians) Movie
Suicide Squad- Here we Go Again: Asian Woman as Bodyguard to White Man Warner August 5, 2016 SelfAggrandizement (Whites are Central) Movie
White Male as Sex God -- in Japan Wargaming Public Co Ltd September 15, 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (White Masculinity) TV Commercial
A Future of White Rule Jupiter Ascending (Village Roadshow) February 6, 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (Whites are Central) Movie
Royal Pains gives Asian man the Royal Cuckold Royal Pains (USA Network) Gender (Cuckold) TV Show
White Man Creates Helpless Asian Fembot for Sex, as Usual Ex-Machina (Universal Studios) January 21, 2015 Gender (Asian Woman as disposable, sexual plaything) Movie
Jurassic World: Jurassic Screw-ups by Asian men. Universal Studios 2015 Stereotype Movie
Ride Along 2 hollywood racism Universal Studios 2016 Gender (Asian males as Unmasculine, Effeminate) Movie
Mr. Robot: Hacking the Asian male image to pieces Mr Robot (Universal Cable Productions) 2015 SelfAggrandizement (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
George Takei gets Laughed AT in Taco Bell ad Taco Bell March 14, 2016 Denigration (Mockery of Asians) TV Commercial
Semi-Competent Asians Syfy September, 2016 Denigration (Asians are Not Leaders) TV Show
The Interview - Ultimately Anti-Asian in effect The Interview (Sony) December 11, 2014 Gender (Asian males as Unmasculine, Effeminate) Movie
Birdman, or the Unexpected Virtue of Racism Regency Enterprises 2014 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Dehumanizing Gay Asian Men Qubed Productions February, 2013 Denigration TV Show
Perrier Balloon Commercial Perrier 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (White World) TV Commercial
Terminator: Genisys - terminating Asian representation Paramount Pictures 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Sexualized Asian Women, Desexualized Asian Men Overbrook Entertainment February, 2005 Gender (Asian males are Omitted) Movie
Nickelodeon Grooms Them Early Make it Pop (Nickelodeon) 2015 Gender (Asian males are Omitted) TV Show
Sense8 shows Asian men are weak and worth dumping Sense8 (Netflix) June 5, 2015 Denigration (Asians are Weak) TV Show
Orange is the New Black; But Asian people? The same old same old Netflix 2013 Stereotype TV Show
Misrepresenting Misrepresentation Netflix April, 2016 Denigration (Mockery of Asians) TV Show
White Savior vs. Oriental Villains Netflix March, 2017 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Netflix Takes the Perpetual Foreigner Stereotype to Outer Space Netflix February, 2018 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Movie
Netflix's "The Outsider" Presents a Redundant White Savior Narrative Netflix March, 2018 SelfAggrandizement (Whites are Central) Movie
Asian Helpers A to Z (NBC) 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (Whites as Master) TV Show
Ninja Shadow of a Tear: Evil Asian Man Clans Millennium Films 2013 Gender (Asian males compares Unfavorably to White Man) Movie
Mattel Scrabble Ad - Anagram Lovers Mattel May 2, 2015 Gender (Asian male as Undesirable) TV Commercial
Avengers insinuates Asians are Cowards and Whites are Heroes Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel) May 1, 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (Mighty Whitey) Movie
The Wolverine: Exploitation of Asian Women, Brutality towards Asian men Marvel 2013 Denigration (Asians as Weak) Movie
Marvel and Samsung Presents: Age of Racism Marvel 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Online Ad
Make Your Move Make your Move (Lions Gate Films) 2013 Gender (Asian males compares Unfavorably to White Man) Movie
Blackhat: Dirty tactics of gendered stereotypes Legendary Pictures 2015 Gender (White male gets Girl over Asian male) Movie
Walk of Shame: The anti-Asian march continues Lakeshore Entertainment Group 2014 Denigration (Asians are Insignificant) Movie
LA24 Campaign Ad to Host 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles Has No Asian Americans. LA2024 2015 Insulting Online Ad
Focus: Focus on humiliating the Asian man Kramer & Sigman Films 2015 Stereotype Movie
Indian Mindy Kaling dates a White guy....again The Mindy Project (Hulu) 2015 Gender (Asian female worshipping of White men) TV Show
Incidental Inclusion Hulu 2017 Gender (Asian males are Omitted) TV Show
Heineken's "The date" is Drunk on White Privilege Heineken 2011 SelfAggrandizement (Whites are Central) Online Ad
In 'The Brink' Asian Women are Sexualized, Asian Men are Nowhere The Brink (HBO) June 21, 2015 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
Asian?: Look Elsewhere HBO February, 2015 Denigration (Asians are Insignificant) TV Show
High Tech Meets Lowbrow Racism HBO Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Gatorade Mocks Asian 'Weakling' Gatorade August 18, 2015 Denigration (Asians are Weak) TV Commercial
All Women are the Groupies of the White Male The Strain (FX) July 20, 2014 Gender (Asian males are Omitted) TV Show
American Horror Story: Fetishization of Asian women (NSFW) American Horror Story (FX) 2015 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
New Girl says Indian Men are Losers New Girl (Fox) 2012 Gender (Asian males as Lame) TV Show
The Martian - Whites take credit for Asian contributions Fox 2015 Denigration (Mistreatment of Asians) Movie
The Internship: Asian man gets training to be a disrespected stereotype Fox 2013 Stereotype Movie
Gravity: In Space, no one cares about the Asian man of the team. Fox 2013 SelfAggrandizement Movie
"The Watch" will protect everyone except they are racist Fox 2012 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable sex slave) Movie
Deadpool fires bullets and racist stereotypes Fox 2016 Gender (Asian males as Creepy) Movie
Don't trust racist creators Don't trust the b in apartment 23 (Fox) 2012 SelfAggrandizement (White World) TV Show
When Racism Tries to be Funny FOX September, 2013 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV
A Blinkered Vision of Multiculturalism FOX September, 2002 Denigration TV
Futuristic Asian Sidekicks FOX September, 2015 Denigration (Asians have Lower Status) TV Show
Good Eats "Turning Japanese" is a trainwreck Good Eats (Food Network) November 2, 2009 Denigration (Mockery of Asians) TV Show
"Warrior" Music Video- all Asian women, only Non-Asian Men FarWest Entertainment November 4, 2011 Gender (Asian males are Omitted) Other
In Lucy, feminism is taking vengeance against Asian men EuropaCorp 2014 Stereotype Movie
Towel Girl Music Video - Asian Girl desperately courts White man Draw Pictures 2015 Denigration Online Website
Asian Girl kills Asian Man to save her White Dude in Distress Beauty and the Beast (CW Network) July 1, 2014 Gender (White male gets Girl over Asian male) TV Show
The Mortal Instrument is an Emasculated Asian Male Constantin Film Produktion GmbH 2013 Gender (Asian males as Unmasculine, Effeminate) Movie
Green Hornet - Asian as sidekick to paunchy white "Superhero" Columbia Pictures 2011 Denigration (Asians have Lower Status) Movie
Subtle Marginalization Chase Bank February, 2016 Gender (White Love is the only Love) Other
White female is paragon of virtue. Asian female is promiscuous The Good Wife (CBS) 2012 Gender (Asian Woman as plaything to White Male) TV Show
2Broke Girls Repeatedly Mocks Asians 2 Broke Girls (CBS) 2012 Denigration (Mockery of Asians) TV Show
Scorpion Scorpion (CBS) February 8, 2016 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
BT Tv Ad - Ignore the Asian BT TV 2015 Denigration (Asians have Lower Status) TV Commercial
Casting Asian Men as the Villainous, Misogynistic Other BRTHR November, 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Online
No Love for Asian Guys Blue Note Records Gender (Asian male as Undesirable) Online
Sherlock: Scrutinizing those inscrutable Asians Sherlock (BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation) 2010 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
#KissForPeace? Only If You're A White GI Axe 2014 SelfAggrandizement TV Commercial
Music video "This is who we are" = Arrogant jerks Aropa Records 2015 SelfAggrandizement Online Website
Restless Hearts Seek comfort in Asian Stereotypes (Mark sixma) Armada Music 2015 Online Website
White Man buys Asian female robot and...of course..has sex with her Humans (AMC) July 5, 2015 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
Reviving '80s Orientalism Amazon October, 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Stereotypical Subservience Amazon February, 2014 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Hapa Woman plaything of White male mentor Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC) 2013 Gender (Asian Woman as plaything to White Male) TV Show
White Father/Son Sleep with Asian Woman Mistresses (ABC) 2015 Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
Asian male as Pathetic Caricature Kevin from Work (ABC) August 26, 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Dr. Ken is a Step Backwards for Asian-Americans Dr. Ken (ABC) October 2, 2015 Denigration (Asians are weak) TV Show
Quantico exploits Bollywood Star; depicts her as 'Easy' Quantico (ABC) September 27, 2015 Self-Aggrandizement (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything) TV Show
AARP reinforces Negative Stereotype of Asians AARP September 7, 2015 Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes) Magazine Ad
76 Gas: We're on the (white) driver's side 76 Gas 2015 Denigration (Reinforces stereotypes) Online Ad