Towel Girl Music Video – Asian Girl desperately courts White man

From the beginning of the video, a rather lovely landscape of a country club is a beautiful place to be, or is it?

An Asian “maid” is serving rich people. She is desperate for money and holds a placard that reads “tips”, but she gets no tips and gets petted like a dog instead.

She goes collecting towels around the swimming pool while being shouted at like a lowly servant -the most demeaning being “Get your ass over here!”, which is only said impolitely to those of low authority.


She is love struck by a white guy – her “knight in shining armor” only to be chucked a dirty towel at her face like she was nothing to him yet she sniffs the towel as if they were roses.


After being disrespected, she undergoes a big effort to enhance her appearance to attract him instead of showing indignation. She goes to extremes including stealing and wearing clothing and accessories. Her advances are rejected. Surprisingly she steals yet more garments to impress him.

The results were the same. The flamboyant man wearing Color Sensational® Lipcolor In Fifth Ave Fuchsia rejects her (source:

The girl undeterred, starts to prance about like a clown in a final attempt to win over this guy.

The similarities are uncanny!


She carries on dancing while being laughed at. She even miraculously walks on water and rides a seahorse, but all her attempts were shut down. Her white knight rides off with a white female.

At the end of the video, a super creepy looking white guy stares lasciviously at the Asian female, implying something sinister in their future involving fava beans. As cringe-worthy as her performance was, she deserves better.

Is this how Asian females should be portrayed in Western countries – as servants and to find love, must they excessively prove themselves even after having been treated like dirt?

This is a music video which by means it will be viewed, listened to and generate a brainwashing tendency, it has already been viewed over 5 million times on youtube. How much longer do we have to put up with this?

OFFENDER: Draw Pictures
MEDIA TYPE: Online Website
OFFENSE DATE: March 23, 2015
URL: Click For More

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