TV Commercials

OffenseOffenderDateCategoryMedia Type
#KissForPeace? Only If You’re A White GIAXEJanuary, 2014Self-AggrandizementTV Commercial
BT Tv Ad – Ignore the AsianBT TVJanuary, 2015Denigration (Asians have Lower Status)TV Commercial
Gatorade Mocks Asian ‘Weakling’GatoradeAugust, 2015Denigration (Asians are Weak)TV Commercial
George Takei gets Laughed AT in Taco Bell adTaco BellMarch, 2016Denigration (Mockery of Asians)TV Commercial
Mattel Scrabble Ad – Anagram LoversMattelMay, 2015Gender (Asian male as Undesirable)TV Commercial
Perrier Balloon CommercialPERRIERJanuary, 2015Self-Aggrandizement (White World)TV Commercial
White Male as Sex God — in JapanWargaming PublicSeptember, 2015Self-Aggrandizement (White Masculinity)TV Commercial
Wix Ad Shows White Guy pull rank on AsianWixFebruary, 2015Denigration (Asians are Weak)TV Commercial

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