TV Shows

OffenseOffenderDateCategoryMedia Type
"Friends From College" Subverts Some Stereotypes, While Perpetuating OthersNetflixJanuary, 2019Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
"Insatiable" Has an Uneven Approach Towards Asian-American RepresentationNetflixAugust, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
“Maniac” Presents a New Iteration of Old StereotypesNetflixSeptember, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
2Broke Girls Repeatedly Mocks Asians2 Broke Girls (CBS)January, 2012Denigration (Mockery of Asians)TV Show
A Blinkered Vision of MulticulturalismFOXSeptember, 2002DenigrationTV Show
All Women are the Groupies of the White MaleThe Strain ( FX)July, 2014Gender (Asian males are Omitted)TV Show
American Horror Story: Fetishization of Asian women (NSFW)American Horror Story ( FX)January, 2015Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
Asian Girl kills Asian Man to save her White Dude in DistressBeauty and the Beast ( CW Network)July, 2014Gender (White male gets Girl over Asian male)TV Show
Asian HelpersA to Z ( NBC)January, 2015Self-Aggrandizement (Whites as Master)TV Show
Asian male as Pathetic CaricatureKevin from Work ( ABC)August, 2015Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Asian?: Look ElsewhereHBOFebruary, 2015Denigration (Asians are Insignificant)TV Show
Dehumanizing Gay Asian MenQubed ProductionsFebruary, 2013DenigrationTV Show
Don’t trust racist creatorsDon't trust the b in apartment 23 ( FOX)April, 2012Self-Aggrandizement (White World)TV Show
Dr. Ken is a Step Backwards for Asian-AmericansDr. Ken (ABC)October, 2015Denigration (Asians are weak)TV Show
A Future of White RuleFOXSeptember, 2015Denigration (Asians have Lower Status)TV Show
Good Eats “Turning Japanese” is a trainwreckGood Eats ( Food Network)November, 2009Denigration (Mockery of Asians)TV Show
Hapa Woman plaything of White male mentorMarvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ( ABC)January, 2013Gender (Asian Woman as plaything to White Male)TV Show
HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Maintains its Reliance on Problematic Racial ComedyHBOMay, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
High Tech Meets Lowbrow RacismHBOApril 2014Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
In ‘The Brink’ Asian Women are Sexualized, Asian Men are NowhereThe Brink (HBO)June, 2015Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
In Season 2, “The Deuce” Regurgitates Old Anti-Asian StereotypesHBOSeptember, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
In Season 6, Orange is the New Black Makes No Progress with Regard to Asian-American RepresentationNetflixJuly, 2018Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
Incidental InclusionHuluJanuary, 2017Gender (Asian males are Omitted)TV Show
Indian Mindy Kaling dates a White guy….againThe Mindy Project (Hulu)January, 2015Gender (Asian female worshiping of White men)TV Show
Misrepresenting MisrepresentationNetflixApril, 2016Denigration (Mockery of Asians)TV Show
Mr. Robot: Hacking the Asian male image to piecesMr Robot (Universal Cable Productions)January, 2015Self-Aggrandizement (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Netflix’s “Atypical” Contains Problematic East Asian StereotypesNetflixSeptember, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Netflix’s “The Good Cop” Reinforces Hollywood’s Sexual RacismNetflixSeptember, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Netflix’s “You” Perpetuates Hollywood’s Sexual RacismNetflixDecember, 2018Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
New Girl says Indian Men are LosersNew Girl ( FOX)January, 2012Gender (Asian males as Lame)TV Show
Nickelodeon Grooms Them EarlyMake it Pop ( NIckelodeon)January, 2015Gender (Asian males are Omitted)TV Show
Orange is the New Black; But Asian people? The same old same oldNetflixJanuary, 2013StereotypeTV Show
Quantico exploits Bollywood Star; depicts her as ‘Easy’Quantico (ABC)September, 2015Self-Aggrandizement (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual playthingTV Show
Reviving ’80s OrientalismAmazonOctober, 2015Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Royal Pains gives Asian man the Royal CuckoldRoyal Pains ( USA Network)Gender (Cuckold)TV Show
ScorpionScorpion ( CBS)February, 2016Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
Semi-Competent AsiansSyfySeptember, 2016Denigration (Asians are Not Leaders)TV Show
Sense8 shows Asian men are weak and worth dumpingSense8 ( Netflix)June, 2015Denigration (Asians are Weak)TV Show
Sherlock: Scrutinizing those inscrutable AsiansSherlock ( BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation)January, 2010Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Stereotypical SubservienceAmazonFebruary, 2014Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
The Deuce Erases the History of Asian American Political ActivismHBOSeptember, 2017Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
The New Legends of Monkey’s Shallow MulticulturalismNetflixJanuary, 2018DenigrationTV Show
The Rookie (ABC) Has an Asian American Representation ProblemABCOctober, 2018Gender (White man and Asian female coupling no matter what)TV Show
When Racism Tries to be FunnyFOXSeptember, 2013Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
White Father/Son Sleep with Asian WomanMistresses ( ABC)January, 2015Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
White female is paragon of virtue. Asian female is promiscuousThe Good Wife (CBS)January, 2012Gender (Asian Woman as plaything to White Male)TV Show
White Man buys Asian female robot and…of course..has sex with herHumans ( AMC)July, 2015Gender (Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)TV Show
White Savior vs. Oriental VillainsNetflixMarch, 2017Denigration (Reinforces Stereotypes)TV Show
Why are Asian American men excluded from Station 19 (and Shondaland as a whole)?ABCMarch, 2018Gender (Asian males are Omitted)TV Show
Why is Dipankar Gosh the Only “Indefensible” Character in “Youth & Consequences”?YouTube RedMarch, 2018Gender (Asian males as Creepy)TV Show

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