All Women are the Groupies of the White Male

In the Strain, there is a scene where a white guy, rockstar-type, has a foursome with a black woman, white woman, and East Asian woman. This is Hollywood- white men are the sex symbols, and women are there to satisfy him. More than before, East Asian women are now included in this ‘harem’.

In the orgy, the white women and black woman are on either side of the Asian woman and kissing her.

The white man joins in. He feels up the Asian woman and is making love to all of them.

The morale of the story: the white guy is the sexual focus of women.  The show seems to trivialize Asian women; does not seem to depict them in any primary way but sexual.  Similar to The Brink, Asian women don’t have a leading role that shows them as multi-dimensional.  They are fetishized and have a narrow role as defined by the white director of the show.  Further,  the show reinforces the fact that minority men are excluded from sexual interactions; when you look beyond this show and see the same pattern repeating, you can imagine why many women exclude minority men from their consideration set. Meanwhile, minority women are considered part of the party, but only in a certain role.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( Asian males are Omitted)
OFFENSE DATE: July 20, 2014


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