Make Your Move

(Warning: contains Spoiler Alerts)

It’s a Romeo and Juliet story. Donny is “Romeo”, an ex-convict trying to get a job in his brother’s dance club (underground and shady). “Aya is Juliet”, whose brother runs a rival dance club (snooty and high class). Both clubs feature star dance acts to get business. Donny tries to get on stage in both clubs. Aya also finds herself torn between her new romance with Donny, and the story’s Paris, a slimy rich creep named Michael.

Sadly, neither Romeo or Juliet die in this film. Pay attention to the rampant double standards. It’s almost as if they’re trolling us.

Introducing the characters…

Aya = Asian female lead, and love interest

Kaz = Aya’s brother, an oppressive asshole.

Oku = Kaz’s best friend who sports a ponytail just for cheap laughs

Donny = aggressive stalker, vagabond, ex-convict, and naturally, Aya’s love interest

Michael = creepy slimy wall street type and Aya’s second pursuer – a real looker like a young Noam Chomsky.

Nick = Donny’s foster brother from”da hood”. Don’t let that charming smile fool you, he’s an African Mad Max.

=====Part 1 – Introductions=====

Aya is practicing their performance in a warehouse with her dance crew and a van crashes through – miraculously killing no one. A team of mid-life crisis survivors are led by a “Black thug” (another common western stereotype) to serve an “eviction notice” to leave their turf.

Her concerned Am brother shows up at her house. She shuts the door on Oku (standing outside) and says, “no guns in my house” but we all know the real reason – he’s an Asian man. Oku needs the bathroom so she emasculates him by giving him him a bowl…which he uses to further insult Am. I’m surprised he wasn’t told to raise his legs like a dog as well.

=====Part 2 – “Proving” Asian men are assholes and Asian women need to be “rescued” by White men=====

This part of the film Is all about showing how Asian women can suffer only oppression from Asian men and enjoy “freedom” and “agency” with the white male. A particularly funny aspect of this film is rampant double standards that defy common sense.

Kaz ‘hurts’ Aya, Donny ‘protects her’, ‘violent’ Oku beats him

Kaz guides Aya away gentily and Donny screams, “Stop, you’re hurting her.” and assaults Kaz. The film instead has Oku punching Donny to “prove” how violent Asian men are against “innocent” Donny, who was just ostensibly protecting her from the “oppressive Asian patriarchy”.

Donny is violently pulling her away from the club and her brother and into a taxi against her will and commanding the driver to speed away as if he just robbed a jewelry store. In the real world, this is called assault and abduction, but when it’s between an Asian woman and white man in western media, it’s called “spontaneous romance”.

She’s in a cab off to an unknown destination against her will. In the real world, she would be fearing for her life and calling 911 or spraying mace into his sex predator face, but when an Asian woman is abducted by a sociopath white male in western media, it’s “love at first sight”. Notice the stereotypical East Indian cab driver. He comes complete with an Indian accent from the Simpson’s – a racist “joke” designed to make East Indians perpetual foreigners.

Kaz and Oku risk their lives to cut them off to stop this deranged sex predator from terrorizing Aya.

She must be so glad to see her crew come to rescue her from this sex-obessed creep, right? Wrong.

She screams at her brother, Kaz, “Are you fucking crazy? Someone could have been killed!” Indeed, Aya could have been slaughtered and then violated by a potential murderous necrophylliac if Kaz didn’t save her.

So, at 31 minutes in, we have established that the Asian woman is already on the white man’s side, an aggressive creep who forces her into a taxi against her will. He could be a a serial rapist, murderer, organ harvester, etc. We don’t know. The two Am who risked their lives to save her from this lunatic are established as assholes endangering public saftey. Even Donny looks confused by this.

In addition to being a ruthless sex predator who preys on much smaller women, he’s homeless. He’s the total package.

The chief benefit of Donny’s vagrancy is free time, which he uses judiciously to hunt Aya down inside of a club. This is called stalking, but for the Asian woman/White male pairing in western media, it’s “romantic fate”.

Here’s more “proof” of what assholes Asian men are. Kaz confronts Donny for not paying the club cover fee and is beaten and humiliated inside of his own home, the streets of New York.

Donny confides to Aya that he served two years in jail for participating in a big scam. Don’t worry. This won’t help Aya make responsible life choices like running away. Hollywood teaches us that white men are immune from social responsibility and expectations of human decency. Just a moment of silence will cleanse his criminal record.

Aya explains why she likes Donny. It reads like an Asian man-bashing novel from acclaimed anti-Chinese “writer”, Amy Tan.

Aya: Most guy’s just take you know?

Aya: They want to control me (Strange, it was the deranged psychopath, Donny, who forced you inside a foreign vehicle and sped you off to an unknown destination.)

Friend: Like Michael? (the other creepy white guy, the Noam Chomsky stunt double)

Aya: And Kaz (her Evil Oppressive brother. Remember him? He was the guy who risked his life to find her after she was “romantically” abducted by the deranged sociopath, Donny.)

In the span of a few days, Aya sleeps with a homeless ex-convict sociopath who abducted her. Makes perfect sense.

Immediately after having sex, that oppressive brother is back to ruin her life with inscrutable Japanese grunts.

Dancing solves all problems. The rest of the film is just about business deals and dancing.


A white man can be a homeless ex-convict stalking sociopath, who is potentially a sex predator or axe murder, and whose best friend crashed through your dance rehearsal space and nearly killed your entire dance crew…and still get the girl.

The lesson appears white men can be the trash of society and still get the Asian women unlike “oppressive” Asian men who risk their lives in a high speed chase to rescue you from a creepy sex-crazed stalker. No, those Asian men are “controlling” jerks.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( Asian males compares Unfavorably to White Man)
OFFENSE DATE: April 17, 2014
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