Blackhat: Dirty tactics of gendered stereotypes


Follow a Chinese cybersecurity guy, Chen Dawai (played by Leehom Wang), as he fails repeatedly and sulks until a “rogue” white man, Nick Hathaway (played by Chris Hemsworth) rescues the day and sleeps with Chen’s sister repeatedly while Chen himself appears sexless and alone throughout. Together, they hunt down a criminal syndicate.


The film holds no back nothing in their efforts to glorify white masculinity, emasculate Asian men, and claim ownership over Asian women. Asian men are cockblocked by the Asian female love interest, Chen Lien (played by Wei Tang), but she falls head over heels for Nick. Chen Dawai appears without any female companionship throughout the film. Nick, having symbolically owned the Asian women, also brutally subjugates all Asian men in his way. As always, these Asian men are portrayed as villains who deserve no mercy.

1 – Useless and lonely Asian man needs white savior to hack properly

2 – Asian man is rejected by Asian woman and Asian man

3 – Asian women is infatuated with white male

4 – Asian woman sleeps with white male right away

5 – “Evil” Asian men are brutally destroyed by “superior” white male

There is nothing new here. It’s the standard trope we’ve seen in The Wolverine 2013, Make Your Move 2013, Beauty and the Beast 2014, etc.

This is brainwashing to divide and conquer the Asian community across gender and a form of symbolic violence against Asian men. The academic literature proves this.

The writing is lazy, racist, and deeply offensive. Worse, it has social consequences that have contributed to the continued gender wars that affect Asians today. Hollywood and the rest of the Western media industry are not benevolently clueless. Decades of complaints have been ignored by them. The status quo is unacceptable.

OFFENDER: Legendary Pictures
CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( White male gets Girl over Asian male)
OFFENSE DATE: January 1, 2019
URL: Click For More

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