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The story focuses on June Colborn who wishes to pursue her dream job only having to find out that it no longer exists, ends up living with a girl named Chloe who swindles her roommates into paying for rent as she hikes up her prices. However, June keeps living there…..with a lot of emasculation and racism toward people of color.

Character Name Actor
Chloe Krysten Ritter
June Colborn Dreama Walker

Scene #1: Season 1 episode 2

The first offensive speech after the intro comes from Chloe who says, “June, you can’t plan your life, you need to leave room for new experiences. Have you ever eaten a blowfish out of a Japanese man’s mouth?”


Not only is this completely random, but it sends a rather strange image about Japanese men’s behavior to the audience.

Scene #2: Season 1 episode 2

Secondly, there is a short scene showing a homosexual African male who measures the towering white male. The scene emasculates this character whilst he reminisces about his past “lovers”  to reinforce the sex-crazed Black male stereotype.

They carry on his role throughout the series.

Scene #3: Season 1 episode 3

Again Chloe says something rather demeaning “….Italians love it when I bring them monkeys…”

Analysis:  This was randomly blurted out on a date. However, unlike the previous offenses, there is no harm done here. Monkeys are well-liked by many and there is no negative connotation such as suggesting that Italians are animal abusers. This difference will become more apparent as we analyze the remaining offenses.

Scene #4: Season 1 Episode 4


“I’m bringing Chloe the mail as yet another example of the many wonderful things I would do if I were her roommate again….I’m not weak, you’re weak!…..NO!”


Robin (Asian female) acts like a subordinate to Chloe (White female) by fetching her mail. She is cognizant of her subordination and futilely tries to rationalize her servile behavior.

Scene #5: Season 1 Episode 4


In one of many scenes, Robin (Asian female) is creepily obsessing over Chloe.


Robin is a nerdy, needy, and creepy person who obsesses over Chloe. She even photoshopped herself into Chloe’s photos.

Why did the writers create this subservient and undignified Asian character?

Scene #6: Season 2 episode 9

A confident Robin (Asian Female) is leading a tenants meeting. However, when Chloe shows up, Robin  changes. She begins to stutter and act deferentially to Chloe,


Robin’s behavior puts Chloe on a pedestal. Robin also gets ignored when she asks “Chloe, don’t come to these things, w..what going on?” which further cements her inferior position.

Scene #7: Season 2 episode 9

Chloe uses an Asian male (Andrew Chen) for sex. Chloe has a yellow fetish. Afterwards she celebrates by greeting guests with “Arigato Hi!” in the main room.


This is divisive because finally, an Asian man is sexualized on screen, but Asians (especially males) shouldn’t celebrate too fast. He is merely a fetishized object just like the Asian females who are portrayed as expendable sex toys without agency. Notice that Chloe wraps up the scene with a trite Japanese phrase. We can tell how insulting this is by we switching up the genders. If a White male used an Asian girl for sex and said “Arigato, hi.“ we’d  instantly recognize  the racist creepiness. This is not a dignified role.


Now that you’ve seen a multitude of roles for different races, it’s clear that the Italian scene in scene #3 is extremely gentle in comparison. Interesting. Why is that?

Following the recent backlash from the Oscars with the age old Asian themed jokes, it seems that this series casts Asians as the butt of many jokes and it is nothing but shameful and failed comedy. If the creator had any dignity, she should research how Western media continuously brainwashes entire nations into insulting Asians with so-called “jokes” . Not only is this damaging to the Asian communities, but it also gives an excuse to keep making these inappropriate jokes.  So Don’t trust the B that created this series!

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Self-Aggrandizement ( White World)
OFFENSE DATE: January 1, 2019


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