Avengers insinuates Asians are Cowards and Whites are Heroes

The movie ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ by Marvel and Joss Whedon is a tour de force in how Hollywood pulverizes Asians and lionizes white people.

Avengers: Age of Ultron has made over $700M worldwide as the sequel to the first Avengers movie that came out in 2012. A fair guesstimate is some ~60M people watched it. A massive amount.

In it, whites are established atop the pecking order.

There is an Asian woman scientist (Dr Helen Cho played by Korean actress- Kim Soo-Hyun).

She is ballsy and confident. When asked to go to a party, she declines, but then drops her alpha woman persona and asks sheepishly “Will Thor be there?”. She shows up to the party and admires Thor and the white heroes from afar.

In the end, she is saved by the same white superheroes when Ultron (the villain) attacks. Message internalized: Asian women should covet white men, white men are saviors. Cho is not one of the Avengers; part of the crew like Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow. She is useful for her specialized knowledge (how whites view Asian-Americans generally); she is a fawning groupie of the white heroes.  This is not a slam on Asian women; it is a criticism of the white directors and writers who design her role and write her lines.

On a similar note (though not involving Asians): there is a scene where the black character who plays War Machine (who is hardly in the movie) tells a joke and the other two white superheroes (Robert Downey as Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth as Thor) just stare at him. The joke plays elsewhere but not with them. This is a subtle hint that they are above him in the pecking order. A woman bit-actor comments afterwards about the two white men citing their “testosterone”- said jokingly but admiringly.

Asian males are in the movie. Not as a leading or supporting character, mind you, but as fleeing victims and casualties There is a massive fight between the superheroes and the villain, towards the end of the movie (filmed in Korea). Asian males are scurrying; and the white heroes are protecting them and others. Worth noting, Korea paid Marvel $3.8M for making their people look like helpless cowards (the government’s stated interest was to make Korea look modern)

This conditioning forms the subconscious impressions people have, the split-second judgments they make when looking at someone. Everything else follows from this; as life mirrors the culture and vice-versa.

As far as men go, the movie exclusively depicts white males as heroic (all the four main male characters are white- Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye).

And it normalizes Asian females crushing on white men (and seeds the idea even for those Asian females who may not think this way). Naturally, girls model themselves after the larger than life female characters in front of them and subconsciously model their preferences. It begins to feel natural for Asian women to have ‘white fever’ after so much conditioning to break the default of assortative mating (historically, all men and women preferred their own by large margins).

By BoxOfficeMojo, over half of the box office was overseas; which means it’s not just Americans who are brainwashed by Hollywood productions. It’s possible that the rest of the world will follow in America’s footsteps in terms of their racial perceptions.

Director – Joss Whedon

Production Company- Marvel Studios

President: Kevin Feige

Joss Whedon quit Twitter but feel free to tweet at the president of Marvel Studios. Tweet to Kevin Feige

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Self-Aggrandizement ( Mighty Whitey)
OFFENSE DATE: May 1, 2015

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