BT Tv Ad – Ignore the Asian

The BT TV commercial features a handsome, composed white man (Ewan McGregor) and a fat, ridiculous looking Indian man.

The latter is late to the shoot and asks to redo the stunt because he is late (he is clearly shown as bumbling). He is ignored.

One of the white men gives him a look as to say “what is wrong with you?”

The others respectfully listen to the white man.

The Indian character later speaks up mid-conversation and says “I wrote that line” after another guy makes a statement; a smarmy remark that they give him. He is ignored again.

The Indian man appears to be the ad director; but he is relegated to the back peering over those who are, presumably, his subordinates in order to be part of the conversation. Despite his role on the set, he is disregarded by whites who are supposed to be working for him for the ad he is directing. In contrast, they listen carefully to the white actor, despite the fact he is ‘hired for the role’ in this commercial about filming a commercial.

The British have a long history of using subtle methods to undercut the authority of others; their methods carry over into today, and their same mentality- unconscious or not- finds its way into modern culture.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Denigration ( Asians have Lower Status)
MEDIA TYPE: TV Commercial
OFFENSE DATE: April 17, 2015
URL: Click For More

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