Walk of Shame: The anti-Asian march continues

At 9:00, Meghan [blonde hair] is heart broken. Her fiance [Kyle] just dumped her. To add insult to injury, she learns from Dan that she lost a job promotion to her rival, Wendy Chang [another news reporter]..

Chang is dismissed as merely an affirmative action “diversity” hire. Thus, implying that Chang got the promotion merely due to her race – not merit. This stereotype is commonly used by racially intolerant groups to dismiss non-whites as “undeserving”. This bias helps the intolerant to, in their view, justify discriminatory behaviors towards non-whites.

At 43:10, three police officers have an exchange inside a police station. Victor [Asian male] is totally disrespected by a White male. The disrespect was unprovoked yet made to seem “natural”.

Our subconcious is held captive by the media we consume. Scenes like this are pervasive. Their message normalizes the denigration of Asian men as “not a big deal” and “everyone does it”.

Like scripts, these scenes play out in real life at school, work, and relationships.

At 45:44, in a prior scene, these three police officers had an exchange inside this police station. Victor [Asian male] was totally disrespected by a white male without provocation. The disrespect was made to seem “natural”.

In this scene, the abuse is dialed up further – again, unprovoked.  Victor gives an upbeat quip, “Protect and serve”. In response, he is told to “fuck himself”.

Why are they normalizing the abuse of Asian men as “harmless fun”? Why was the Asian character instructed to merely accept the abuse? What agenda do the creators of this film have?

The link between on-screen “harmless humor” and real life is all too real

At 1:09:40, two police officers are inside a spa named, Happy Oasis Spa. It is owned by an Asian woman who states “You are not my guy. I took care of my guy already.”

The name of spa and her message heavily imply that the spa is a front for illegal sexual services. This plays in to the White male imperialist fantasy of a hypersexualized Asian woman that originated during their centuries of invasions and wars in Asia.  The continued promotion of these degrading images that sexualize and subordinate Asian women are linked to their harassment by White males in the work place and in relationships.

At 1:10:12, a prior scene helped imply that this spa and this Asian woman offer illegal sexual services. This scene helps to further emasculate the Asian man, Victor. The Asian woman says that Vic is “her guy”. This implies that Victor must resort to paying for sex because he is lonely. One white male character’s laugh confirms this conclusion.

OFFENDER: Lakeshore Entertainment Group
CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Denigration ( Asians are Insignificant)
OFFENSE DATE: January 1, 2019
URL: Click For More

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