Arrival…of more Yellow Peril Stereotypes

As an unofficial US state mouthpiece, Hollywood is at it again. In Arrival, mysterious Alien crafts visit earth. Do they come in peace? Are they a threat? Nothing is certain except China and Russia are militarisic bad guys. Once again, it’s up to America to make the world safe for democracy.

Scene 1: There is an alien invasion on earth. During a military briefing, China and Russia are portrayed as “uncooperative” as they withhold important information. The American military is ordered to do the same. However, the two white heroes conscientiously object. They respond, “These are our allies!” and “You can’t shut us down!”. The contrast helps to humanize the Americans as having “heart” while China and Russia are just two “rogue nations”. This is just one of thousands of ways that Hollywood acts as an American state mouth piece. It happens so quickly. These false stereotypes are implanted in your mind.

Scene 2: China loses patience and is the first nation to declare war against the aliens. Russia, Pakistan, and Sudan follow China’s lead. “Rational” American military planners are “forced” to prepare for war. Three false messages were implanted in your head.

First, China is “aggressive” relative to a “rational peace loving” America. This is demonstrably false. Second, China is part of a group of “rogue states”. The extensive branding of those nations as “rogue states” is too complicated to explain here. Third, America “had no choice” but to consider military force “because” of China’s “militarism”. Of course, this all helps to gently scrub away America’s extensive use lies to justify its wars of aggressions eg Gulf of Tonkin, Nayirah testimony, and Iraq wmd.

Scene 3: The smearing continues. Now, China is ready to attack the aliens. Russia has murdered one of their language experts [with a machine gun] to censor secret information. Those “rogue states” are contrasted against “calm, rational, and peace loving” American military strategists, who are trying to find a peaceful solution to

“save the world”. Back in reality, America ignored millions of peaceful protestors world-wide and destroyed Iraq based on lies. Hollywood is an unofficial US state propaganda organ that demonizes its geopolitical rivals and Mr. Clean’s away its own brutal militarism.

Note: Some have dismissed this report with “you are just seeing things”. No, we are not. Here are the changes from the short story to the Hollywood film

Both the film and the story build to a climactic point where they realize that the heptapods are wanting to give them something. The buildup to this in the film is met with global tension, as China, along with other nations, are no longer trusting of the aliens, choosing to become hostile. Even soldiers within the U.S. Army are making rash decisions, causing discord within the military base near the ship. The journey to this point in the short story, however, is a bit more relaxed. There is no global terror, no massive army ready to take on the ships, no insurgency. The discussion with the colonel just pops up, stating that they want to engage in a type of exchange. The discussion amongst the colonel, Dr. Donnelly, and others, is brief, and the story shifts to all of them in the same room as the artifact. The scientists offer a “gift” of a presentation on the Lascaux cave paintings, and in return, the heptapods displayed images of equations and information. After this, they said goodbye in their language, and disappear, leaving the glass translucent and empty. The information, however, wasn’t anything new to humanity, as it duplicated research being done in Japan. In the film, however, it’s a bit more dicey. Because of an issue with translations, many researchers around the world working to communicate with the heptapods receive a message that references them giving humanity a “weapon.” China is the first to think that something’s up, and causes the whole world to stir, deciding to become hostile. The [American] researchers, however, find that what the aliens do want to give them is a tool rather than a weapon, and that it is actually one piece of twelve others, meaning that the nations will have to work together to understand the gift as a whole. Despite some insurgency within the military at the base, Dr. Banks is able to persuade the other nations to exchange their pieces with theirs, in a non-zero-sum game: everyone benefits, no one loses


Arrival vs. Story of Your Life: What’s the difference? – Nerd Reactor

Notice, US soldiers were acting rashly — not the US military. This is Hollywood subtly pushes the “isolated incident’ / “lone crazy operator” meme while pretending to look balanced. Conveniently, America’s geopolitical rivals have a hostile military. If you think these changes are an “accident” then you need to learn how the Pentagon/CIA have controls Hollywood.

OFFENDER: Paramount Pictures
CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Denigration ( Reinforces Stereotypes)
OFFENSE DATE: November 11, 2016


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