Sense8 shows Asian men are weak and worth dumping

(FYI- This report is NSFW)

Sense8 is a Netflix show by the Wachowski’s, makers of the Matrix and Cloud Atlas. There are two major offenses in Sense8.

First, Asian men are shown as weak. It portrays Sun, played by Bae Doona, who is the daughter of a business tycoon, her father. Her brother Joong-Ki (played by Ki-Chan Lee) is portrayed as a lazy drunk man-whore who is favored by her father, while she is a hard-working martial-arts specialist, who is smart enough to run the business. Her father intends on handing the business to his son (the Asian father is a mysogynist). These traits are implicitly understood by the audience- that Asian men in general are old-school misogynists. Joong-Ki is found to be embezzling company money and the father covers it up until auditors find out. He is shown on his knees, crying, and begs his father to save him from his predicament.

Her father convinces Sun to take the fall for her brother’s mistake – she goes to jail. In prison, Joong-Ki vists Sun and tells her that their father committed suicide due to the stock plummeting from the shit publicity that the embezzling scheme created. Sun realizes that her brother killed their father to inherit the company while she is left in jail. She beats the shit out of her brother, the weakling.

The second offense should make your blood boil if you’re an Indian guy. It is now becoming common in Hollywood for white directors to show the female Indian fiancee abandon their fiancee for a White protagonist. In Sense8, Kala drops her top-tier Indian husband-to-be (Rajan, son of a pharmaceutical company CEO) for a “hot” white guy. Throughout the series, Kala describes Rajan as “amazing, but I do not love him” even though he is charming, sweet and wealthy. Raj is essentially the perfect man – he can dance Bollywood style, sing well, has fashion sense, is rich, etc. However, Kala has the hots for White German badboy Wolfgang, portrayed by Max Riemelt, even though she knows nothing about him. He’s a burglar that specializes in breaking into hard-to-crack safes and is related to members of the German-mafia. There is a wedding ceremony for Kala and Rajan.

During the wedding ceremony, Kala connects telepathically to Wolfgang while he is naked, swimming in a pool in Germany.

She sees him naked with dick and all and faints, halting the wedding. The following image is NSFW.

Summary: Asian female likes white male over Asian male. See the clip here

Repeatedly, Hollywood says that Indian women are ‘condemned’ to an Indian man via tradition. The Indian man, at best, is a nice guy, but not sexy. He is traditional and boring. He is at best a friend zoned dud. Instead, she finds “liberation”, excitement, and lust in a white guy. In Royal Pains and New Girl- the same thing happens; the Indian woman drops her Indian fiancee for a white guy. Given that Hollywood makes a mockery of free will given its thinly veiled form of social conditioning, is it any surprise these dynamics find their way into real life? Very often, in this trope, the Indian woman can’t get or keep the white guy but that doesn’t stop her from dropping her Indian man like a bad habit.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Denigration ( Asians are Weak)
OFFENSE DATE: June 5, 2015
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