The Wolverine: Exploitation of Asian Women, Brutality towards Asian men

Overview: The Wolverine (2013) is fictional film based on the Marvel Comics character, Wolverine. Wolverine is invited to Japan by Yashida, an Imperial Japanese solider he saved from an atomic bomb (more on this later), but it’s actually a trap to gain immortality by draining Wolverine’s special mutant blood. A fierce battle ensues where countless oppressive and evil Asian men get slaughtered by the white hero. The white hero beds the evil Japanese man’s grand-daughter, who is being forced to marry another oppressive, robotic, spineless Asian male. The subplot involves the grand-daughter’s father, who has ordered Yakuzas to kill her so he can inherit his father’s business empire.


  • Wolverine/Logan: protagonist (White male)
  • Mariko: older sister (Asian female)
  • Yukio: younger sister(Asian female)
  • Noburo:Mariko’s fiancee (Asian male)
  • Yashida: Mariko’s grandfather(Asian male)
  • Viper: Yashida’s physician (White female)
  • Harada: Mariko’s former lover(Asian male)
  • Shingen: Mariko’s father(Asian male)

Scene #1: Nuclear bombing Nagasaki, Japan

The film opens with an incoming aerial strike at an Imperial Japanese prison camp housing western POWs. For unknown reasons, they are released. This humanizes the Japanese soldier, which is exceedingly rare, but don’t worry, they will make things right with every other scene that follows.

Here is the western value known as human rights in the form of a nuclear bomb, which in real life, was dropped on civilians (while called a “practical necessity”, that justification has been under scrutiny) Furthermore, in the movie, the viewer is not told who dropped that bomb or why, but they do see a white guy saving an Asian man.

Wolverine saves the Japanese from committing hari kari.

Santa Claws gives the Japanese man the gift of life by shielding him from the nuclear blast and he also survives mega doses of radiation because he’s a plot device.

Later, Wolverine manhandles the frightened and emasculated Yashida, who is trying to flee from this freak who miraculously survived.

Japanese troops start committing hari kari (AKA suicide). The man to the right is not holding a fleshlight, but a sword.

Analysis #1: Without context, the viewer concludes the White protagonist is heroic, selfless, and physically superior while the Asian men are cowards for committing suicide.

Scene #2: This is more of a compilation of character introdcutions.

Meet, Yukio. She’ll be part of a dynamic trio of women who emasculate and kill Asian men to protect the white male, Wolverine. Well, the white female doesn’t protect Wolverine, but she certainly respects him. Oh, the long haired vagrant in hobo-couture is Wolverine.

Introducing Mariko. She’s the grand-daughter of the evil Asian man, Yashida (on the metal bed), from the introduction. She is currently oppressed by every Asian man in existence, but she will free herself by sleeping with Wolverine and helping Wolverine kill the people she grew up with. I realize that’s called family, but in the West, they have little value.

Here’s Dr. Green/Viper, a mutant villain hired by Yashida to get immortality from Wolverine. Our anti-Asian man trio is ready.

Analysis #2: None required

Scene #3:  The movie shows that Asian women are dismissed by the men.

Here’s Mariko’s father, Shingen Yashida, slapping her because that’s apparently what Asian men do – slap women.

Mariko wants to end her suffering from oppressive Asian men by jumping off a seawalk, but the “honorable white hero” saves her.

Analysis #3: The message is that Asian women are disrepected and disposable in the “oppressive and cold hearted Asian culture” in contrast to the gender equal western culture.

Scene #4: Yashida dies. Now they head to a funeral

Surprise! It’s the Yakuza of more evil oppressive Asian men!

Let the blood bath begin! Yukio is up first owning every Asian man in sight and she shouts, Logan! and now Wolverine will enter the fray. It’s just like tag team wrestling!

A tiny Asian man is mesmerized and emasculated by the white woman, who finds his feeble aggression humorous.

Analysis #4: Asian men are portrayed as easy to kill and feeble. The second message is that Asian females are White male supporters, who also attack Asian men.

Scene #5: Thugs get the jump on Wolverine. Will he die or will the Asian female kill men from her race to save a random white guy like in hundreds of other western media?

Analysis #5:  This pattern of Asian female protecting White men by killing Asian men is insidious. The Asian males have no human qualities. They’re reduced to mere obstacle on the path to “post-racial” Asian female/White male on screen pairings. Yet, this is where the stereotypes form and they do affect the Asian community


Scene #6: Creepy nerdy Asian man condescendingly asks the white female “how much?” She manhandles him into a death kiss.

Analysis #6:  This scene implies Asian men are pathetic losers who need to pay for sex and treat women as mere sex objects. Notice, she’s taller than him. She’s taller than every man in this film except the white guy, Wolverine. That’s another subtle form of emasculation to destroy Asian male sexuality.

Scene #7: This following dialogue summarizes the view of Asian men and white women in this and many other western films.

Harada says, “You kept me waiting for two hours. You have no respect”.

Viper just smuggly dismisses his remark, which angers him into intimidating her yet notice how he’s hilariously shorter than her.

Viper manhandles him with a single fingernail and says, “I asked you to do one thing, little man. Where is logan(Wolverine)?”

Harada proves Asian men are useless, “The mutant (Wolverine) has powers.”

In contrast, Viper shows her superiority, “He’s just a man now. His flesh is weak now. I did that. It’s me you should respect.”

Analysis #7: Throughout the exchange, the Asian man was made inferior to the White female both physically and intellectually. Look at that emasculated face after that savage manhandling – exactly how white Hollywood wants Asians to feel.

Scene #8: Mariko is getting asked about her fiance, Noburo Mori, a corrupt minister of justice. She shows no emotion. Wolverine asks, “Why are you marrying him? He seems like an asshole”. She explains it’s an arranged marriage. She further explains, “To disobey my father would be to dishonor him”. More Asian patriarchy is exposed! Oh, the humanity!

After a busy day of killing hordes of Asian men, it’s time for some sex to complete their emasculation. At this point, the script has flipped. The Asian men in her life are portrayed as monsters she must escape from and into the care of the white male in a remote village.

Not a moment too soon. Here’s a horde of oppressive Asian men abducting her to validate her decision to sleep with the White protagonist.

Drive faster you oppressive Asian bastards! Western values™ is coming to get you!

Analysis #8: The message during dinner is that “Asian men are so oppressive” (again, Hollywood misrepresents the actual culture of Asian nations and overplays the notion of “forced” marriages).

And, her takling about obeying her father is more “Asian patriarchy”. Oh, the humanity! Isn’t it strange that White men never talk about their own patriarchy, where Black men were lynched for even looking at White women.

Scene #9: Yukio is a seer (can predict the future). Look at her eyes tear up when she confides that she sees him die in her holy vision.

Analysis #9: Wait…so Yukio knows her father, grand-father, and Mariko’s ex-boyfriend are all going to die gruesomely – two are killed by this lunatic. Why doesn’t she cry for them or better yet, warn them that Wolverine is a serial killer? Oh right, they don’t deserve tears because they’re all Asian men and thus are not fully human.

Scene #10: An Asian man getting two girls at the same time?

Psych! This is Mariko’s finance, Noburo Mori.

After an emasculating interrogation, Wolverine throws him off the balcony. He’s also wearing red underwear.

Analysis #10: This scene establishes that Asian men are not only oppressive but they cheat too and have lousy taste in underwear. This whole scene was designed to make Asian men look pathetic. Remember, every single scene is planned to the finest detail. None of these things happened accidentally.

Scene #11: Oh, more woman-beating action from oppressive Asian fathers.

Analysis #11: Again, this reinforces the “oppressive Asian men” stereotype that has real life consequences on dating and sex.


Scene #12: Mariko’s father, Shingen Yashida, lectures Yukio about Wolverine, “He killed your master (as in martial arts teacher). Put a pass on your sister (seduced). Now, you want him?”

Here’s Yukio putting herself in harm’s way to save Wolverie

Here, he he’s savgagely murdered with claws by the “good” White guy.

Compare how tender the white guy is to her compared to all the Asian assholes you’ve seen so far.

Analysis #12: Everything Shingen says is true and he’s right to be mad yet the film brainwashes the viewer to see him as an “oppressive jerk”. Meanwhile, Wolverine, the “good guy” who has been killing Asian men left and right is shown to be a tender and loving hero.

Scene #13: Here’s a village protected by the Black Clan, an elite ninja group. These masked men represent the “evil Asian patriarchy” as Hollywood tells it.

Wait..what’s this? Is that an industrial snowblower?

Wait..who’s that? An Asian female? What’s she trying to clear snow for during this battle?’s probably just an accident. She wouldn’t really literally be mowing down Asian men, right?

…I think Hollywood is trying to tell us something. Let’s put on our thinking caps. Look, It’s the same suspicious smile.

Analysis #13: Hollywood pits Asian men against Asian women. The way they have written her role- they have her enjoying gruesomely slaughtering Asian men. Keep in mind, Yukio grew up with these ninjas. They are the closest thing to family that she has. Judging from this scene, you’d think, they torched her village and water-boarded her only child.

Scene #14: Viper admirers and serenades Wolverine with praises. “The suppressive bug you found inside of you was mine. You took it out on your own. I didn?t see that coming. You have courage real courage.” – a very horny looking Viper

Analysis #14: Compare that against what she did to the Asian men. It’s self-explanatory.

Scene #15: Meanwhile, Mariko is about to harm another Asian man. This time, it’s her former love, Harada.

Harada says, “You need to trust me. We were meant to be together. We still can be.”

She betrays him and stabs him.

Analysis #15:  Given that this man has protected her, been loyal to her, protected her family, and were even lovers, I can only conclude this happened because he’s not white and therefore trash.

Scene #16: After stabbing the Asian man who loves and cares for her, she throws herself in harm’s way to save Wolverine, the only white guy in this entire film set in Japan, who she only recently met and has already murdered a bunch of her family members.

Look how courageous the white guy is. He’s tackling a robotic samurai weighing several tons unlike Asian men who get manhandled by females who tower over them like a mean older sister.

Here is Harada, the guy who just got stabbed by Mariko…saving wolverine. Why?

Ohh, so the giant robot can gruesomely kill him with the flaming sword! Of course! Duh!

Analysis #16: The message is so bizarre that it defies logic. A random white guy is “so great” that the Asian female will betray someone who has been by her side since childhood and proven his honor and loyalty. She puts herself in harms way to save this wandering vagrant. Even more bizarrely, the Asian man ALSO tries to save him. Hey, wake up peple. #AsianLivesMatter

Scene #17: Remember the Japanese soldier/ Mariko’s grandfather? Yashida. Surprise! He’s not dead. He’s here in the metal silver samurai suit doing an unlicensed and involuntary blood transfusion to get immortality.

It’s working. His teeth are white again.

The transfusion stops because a flying knife impales his head (on the right). I wonder how that got there?

Sorry, dumb question.

Here’s one more for your neck in case the brain damage doesn’t kill you, grandpa.

Here they are, two Asian females raised by this Asian man, giving silent moral support while Wolverine savagely kills him.

The grandfather is brutally murdered and thrown off a cliff.

Analysis #17: The Asian women are celebrating the death of their grandfather, the symbol of Asian male oppression and evil as Hollywood scripts it. Also, the Asian female siding with the White male to kill the Asian man is here again. Could media this be why Asian females are so combatative towards Asian men in Western societies?

Scene #18: In the end, after killing her whole clan, father, and grand-father, there’s only one woman for Wolverine, a white woman (seen below). Thanks for the easy sex, Mako?  – Wolverine

Analysis #18: Just in case Asian females had their hopes up that they could “assimilate” into western societies through interracial relations, the directors gave you this friendly reminder. It reflects real life, where Asian female / White male divorce rates are multiples higher than Asian female / Asian male marriages.


Scene #19: In the final scene, Mariko asks, “Am I wrong to think you will visit me soon?”

Wolverine says, “I can’t. I’m a soldier (who specializes in murdering your entire family) and I’ve been hiding too long.”

She smiles with a sense of satisfaction even though her whole family is dead and she just got dumped by her white gentleman who used her for a one night stand.

Wolverine and Yukio are riding in a nice private jet. Who’s paying for that flight, the Asian woman, using the inheritence from her recently murdered family courtesy of the “hero”, Wolverine.

Analysis #19: Accoring to hollywood,  murder the Asian woman’s entire family, sleep with her, and then shirk all responsibility. That is manly as long as you’re a White guy.

Conclusion: There you have it. This is a hollywood blockbuster that lionizes Wolverine, a “hero” who slaughters the Asian woman’s family and clan, uses her for a one night stand, and has the audacity to bum a free plane ride after leaving her. Meanwhile, all Asian men are portrayed as unredeemable oppressive patriarchs, feedble weaklings, or just “not good enough” compared to White men.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Denigration ( Asians as Weak)
OFFENSE DATE: July 26, 2013
URL: Click For More

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