Asian Girl kills Asian Man to save her White Dude in Distress

Let’s start off with the characters. There is Catherine who is played by Hapa-Asian Kristin Kreuk. There is Gabe played by Indian Sendhil Ramamurthy. Sparks fly and the two get together.

However, Vincent (played by Jay Ryan, who is white) comes back into Catherine’s life and she gives over to him. As Vincent faces outside threats, Catherine draws closer to him to “protect” him. This sense of obligation towards the white male is reinforced time and again in Hollywood productions and is especially pronounced in Asian women depicted on screen. Despite her being affectionate with Gabe earlier, she later sleeps with Vincent. Gabe upset on this turn of events goes after Vincent. However, despite being his romantic interest not long ago, Catherine ends up killing Gabe by spearing him in defense of Vincent.


Now its a common trope by Hollywood manipulators that Asian men fall short in getting the girl or get her only to lose her to a white man. According to Hollywood, its only a matter of time before a white man asserts himself. Here is a TV synopsis from Beauty and the Beast Wikia that illustrates this. After Gabe and Catherine get together and date, this happens: “Catherine tells Vincent she’s moving on with Gabe, but they end up sleeping together. Catherine is mortified when she wakes up. She tells Vincent that it was a mistake, and she’s staying with Gabe. Vincent, though, says that he’s not going to give up on her.”

It is just an example of how Hollywood plotlines are the idealized imaginations of white men. However, Beauty and the Beast went a little further in having the Asian female go to extreme lengths to defend her white male love interest. Here they have her killing the Asian male – someone she loved not long before she committed the murder. Watch for this plot component to reappear in Hollywood; this is not an isolated incident.

Catherine’s murder of Gabe ended Season 2. In Season 3, Ep 1, Catherine the Asian female and Vincent the white male can go safely go back to hooking up, with the Asian male out of the way…and dead, for good measure! A TV synopsis sums it up as : “Catherine and Vincent are finally able to become a real couple following their defeat of Gabe”. So the order of things is back to how Hollywood always wants it:


CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( White male gets Girl over Asian male)
OFFENSE DATE: July 1, 2014


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