The Interview – Ultimately Anti-Asian in effect

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The Interview (2014) is fictional film where two amateur journalists get their big break when an unlikely fan, President Kim of NK, invite them for an interview. The CIA pounces on the opportunity to assassinate Kim, but Kim has plans of his own.

President Kim is playing a confidence game by charming Dave Skylark (James Franco) with friendship, women, and fun to gain a pro-NK talking head in the western press. His sidekick, Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen), is immune to Kim’s game. Will these two “heroes” see eye to eye and take down the “rogue nation” More importantly, will anyone give a shit?

History Lesson

First, a little history lesson is needed here.

Western lie

First, some boring history that needs to be corrected.

The precious western “FREE PRESS” has told the world that the evil North Koreans invaded South Korea. Thus, America had to defend the South Koreans. This is a lie.

Historical facts

  1. Imperial Japan occupied Korea since 1910, but left when it was defeated at the end of ww2 – around 1945.
  2. The former Japanese occupation of Korea was now shared by Soviets in the North and Americans in the South.
  3. Most importantly, USA military entered Korea in 1945 and violently removed the local popular government, consisting mostly of antifascists who resisted the Imperial Japanese. A brutal repression of Koreans using Japanese fascist police and Korean traitors followed.
  4. USA installed a pro-west, pro-capitalist dictator stooge, Syngman Rhee. 100,000+ Koreans were murdered in South Korea prior to what we call the Korean War – 30,000 to 40,000+ were killed during the suppression of the Cheju Island peasant revolt. It is this overthrow of the antifascist freedom fighting government that incited the North Koreans to enter South Korea to save them. The “free press” called this an “invasion”.
  5. Elections are held. South Korea “chose” democracy. The west recognized this government because it suited their interests. North Korea chose communism (in an attempt to resist the influence of the west). The west refused to recognize this government because it went against their interests.

‚óŹ The Hidden History of the Korean War, 1950-1951: A Nonconformist History of Our Times: I. F. Stone

Now that we have established that America is a lying serial war criminal, let’s analyze this propaganda…

Part 1

The film opens with a North Korean schoolgirl singing about Americans drowning in their own blood.


Immediately following that, they reinforce the narrative of NK as a “rogue nation” with a missile launch. Even the NK buildings evoke a Nazi-esque association.


The remainder of the film does partially humanize President Kim with a mixture of dude stuff and feminine interests. Later, we learn it was all just a confidence game to manipulate Skylark into being a pro-NK mouthpiece.

The other major theme is the extreme hatred and violence against Asian men by one of President Kim’s top officers, Sook, the only major Asian female in the film.

The agenda is obvious. The fictional NK represents Asian men with its oppression, zero freedom, censorship, abuse, lies, and thick accents. Slaughtering these Asian men “liberates” her to pursue freedom, democracy, and human rights as represented by the white characters.

56:14 – Emasculating Asian men for…a white guy, representing America, NK’s sworn enemy.


Part 2

52:56 – Here’s the bonding scene, where Kim pours on the charm by touring his high-end western car collection, riding a tank, playing basketball, shooting pool, drinking, singing karaoke, and having sex with scantily-clad NK women. It’s hard to believe this is the dictator of NK and not a Korean Tupac music video. Warning: NSFW.


1:04:07 – A high-ranking Korean officer gets his head blown off from an accidental gunshot. The death is very gory because Asian men dying is an enjoyable wholesome event for the whole family, of course.


President Kim suffers his loss vocally, which cues the “comedy” that follows. Everyone exaggerates feigned sorrow, but especially the two white males. This is how the gory death of Asian men is made “funny”. No really. You’re supposed to laugh.


1:11:17 and 1:18:25 – Of course, no film that celebrates the barbaric slaughter of Asian men could be complete without the forced romance between an attractive Asian female with a white male. Just a few minutes after her comrade dies, feelings develop between the greasy silverback and Sook. Sook can’t contain her sexual excitement for this character and forces herself upon him. Later, they have sex in the weapons storage before they go on an Asian male killing-spree sponsored by Sony.


Part 3

1:08:45 – After some heavy drinking, President Kim slips up big time and exposes himself as a mentally unstable dictator living under his father’s shadow with one hand nervously hovering over the big red thermonuclear button.

“How else can I prevail against so many enemies: defectors, South Korean capitalists, the people in this room who don’t think I can fill my father’s shoes. These are bastards who deserve no humanity. To those who seek to undermine me at home and abroad, I cannot respond with anything less than the totality of my strength. If a billion people across the earth and in my own country must be burned to prove it then my worthiness as a king will be demonstrated!” – President Kim.


1:12:30 – A shaken Skylark excuses himself and goes for a walk to a grocery store. In a fit of anger, he stomped an orange..that’s fake. This shatters Kim’s charming facade. The “poor oppressed” NK people ARE starving and Kim IS crazy.


Part 4


1:26:03 President Kim is asked the ultimate question, “why don’t you feed your people'”

This interview continues with the interviewer chastising him for spending vast sums on nukes but refusing to feed his people. Again, this reinforces the narrative of brutal dictator and weapons of mass destruction. Oh, btw…

North Korea doesn’t even have viable nuclear weapons. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Remember the phantom WMD in Iraq’


1:26:59 – The interview spirals out of control as Kim can’t answer the question. The control room operators are shown ready to cut the live feed to prove the censorship in NK. It’s up to the “strong and independent Asian female with her white rugged hero to control the situation and point their guns at feeble Asian males to defend freedom of speech.

1:28:16 – Here she is again attacking an Asian man to protect the white guy. BTW, the Asian man just bit the white guy’s fingers off to show how “subhuman” the Asian man is. The white character returns the favor. Note the Asian man screams like a girl for three whole seconds – just long enough to drive home the point that he has no balls.


1:30:00 – Asian girl attacking Asian men….again


1:30:04 – Here, she shoots a comrade in the head to save…the white guy, again.


1:32:48 – The interview ends here with President Kim crying like a bitch because he’s been exposed as a fan of Katy Perry…Oh ya, he also shits in his pants for no reason other than being an Asian guy.


1:33:43 – Here, Sook goes on a Rambo-like killing spree against all her comrades. Sook shows zero hesitation or remorse. She kicks down the door and gives a soulless charm that rivals the Terminator.


1:35:56 – Oh, by the way, the interview is broadcasted live and guess who’s front and center watching’ An Asian female with her white male because pairing an Asian female with an Asian male would be an insane travesty.

1:36:26 – More propaganda confirming that the NK dictator doesn’t care about their people.


Notice, the Asian female is ALWAYS protecting the white males. This is a great scene. There’s a puppy here being protected in contrast the Asian men who are gunned to death nonchalantly. But this time, they’re killed by an Asian man who has “seen the light” of protecting…their sworn enemies.


1:38:08 – An NK soldier is shocked by the might of an American tank. The directors spare no expense to visually tell you just how much they hate Asian men. Watch the tank slowly crush your Asian face.


Part 5 – Finale – the “happy ending”

1:38:57 – Oh look, Krazy Kim is readying the nukes to launch and destroy the “leader of the free world”. But don’t worry! A tank shell kills him first. Watch as his face melts off in slow motion.


1:41:40 – YES! North Korea is overthrown. There will be complete chaos, civil war, famine, and disease but that’s ok. Fist pumps all around!


1:42:21 – Overthrow your own country and kiss a white guy. Makes perfect sense.


1:46:18 – The main character reads from his newly published book covering the assassination: “..a man, once revered as a god among mortals, to cry and shit his pants.”


1:46:48 – Beauty and the beast are on a skype webcam session, which implies the “evil censorship” is over because they’re allowed to use western products, which are powered by freedom, democracy, and human rights. Notice that Sook’s dress code is a sharp contrast to the military man-suit she wore under the oppressive “evil NK dictatorship”.

Overall score:

Whitewashes history to turn the victims into assholes

Asians speak English with an excellent vocabulary and thick 100% inscrutable foreign accents.

Castrate Asian men in every way: military chain of command, romantically, and physically kill them

Asian female romantically involved with white male

Asian men slaughtered gruesomely

Asian men slaughtered gruesomely are seen as “funny” and “amusing”

Asian men slaughtered gruesomely by Asian female protecting white males

Asian male leader presented as a pathetic crying loser

America “saves” the world from “tyranny”

Verdict: Excellent western propaganda that’s full of lies yet entertaining – an effective type of propaganda because the masses will accept it no questions asked.

OFFENDER: Sony Corporation
CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( Asian males as Unmasculine, Effeminate)
OFFENSE DATE: December 11, 2014
URL: Click For More

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