White Father/Son Sleep with Asian Woman

The Mistresses portrays an Asian woman, Karen, as having affairs with a variety of male partners. All of them are white. In one episode, an Asian man is introduced, but nothing happens because apparently, the “vibe wasn’t there”. Given the ongoing blatant racism by hollywood’s insecure content controllers for close to a century, I’m sure this is all some “innocent accident”.

Karen is a Koren-American woman, a primary cast member, played by Yunjin Kim. In the show, Karen is shown sleeping with one white guy after another. White directors are having Asian female cast members have sex everywhere on the TV dial; but almost exclusively with white men.

There are two particularly disturbing arcs to this show. First, Karen sleeps with a white father-son combo. Not at the same time (although she does do a threesome, coming to that). In Season 1 Episode 1, Karen sleeps with the father, Thomas Grey. Thomas is a patient of Karen, who is a psychologist. So Karen engages in unprofessional behavior that risks her license, but clearly she is overwhelmed by the sexual interest of a white man (who is married). Thomas mentions he is dying as he has cancer, and this brings out the sexual interest of Karen apparently. They sleep together.

Perhaps the more disturbing part of this is Thomas’ son Sam meets with Karen and confesses his concern about his father’s affair. Over the next several episodes, Sam stalks Karen. However, in a turn of events, Sam offers to defend Karen at her trial. Rather than simply accept this, Karen decides to sleep with Sam also (Season 1, Episode 10).

To summarize, Karen (Yunjin Kim) was 38 at at the time they filmed; slept with Sam (Erik Stocklin) who was 23 years old – a 15 year difference. Also at 38, Karen slept with Thomas (John Schneider) who was 53 at the time of filming- also a 15 year difference. Since most normal, healthy relationships are between men and women of similiar age, clearly there is some aberrent sexual activity going on with Karen here and on both sides of the age spectrum. In both cases, father and son use a kind of manipulation on Karen. The father guilt-trips her with his terminal illness and the son wears her down through his stalking bad-boy behavior. Both work and compel Karen to have sex with both of them, though they are outside of her normal age-ranged partners.

In Season 2 and 3, Karen is brought into a threesome with white couple Vivian and Alex. But that’s not all. In the Season 3 finale, it’s revealed that Karen is pregnant from Alec, a result of one of their threesomes. So clearly Alex was having unprotected sex with Karen. Karen appears intent to keep the baby; but the nature of its conception is highly unusual.

Throughout Karen has sex with various men. Given the nature of this show, that is not all that atypical. However, these two incidents make her unique – in that they are both somewhat disturbing cases of sexual access of an Asian female. The plots with her are crazy; and push the boundaries. Interestingly, Alex and Vivian invite an Asian male to be part of their sexual orgy with Karen. However, the “vibe” is not there so Vivian sends the Asian male home. If you’ve tracked Hollywood, this is no surprise.

CATEGORY OF OFFENSE: Gender ( Asian Woman is disposable, sexual plaything)
OFFENSE DATE: January 1, 2019


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